Will I pay a fee for using EFD?

Yes. In addition to the filing fees required by the state regulators, filers will be assessed a system use fee based upon the type of filing being submitted through the EFD System.

Regulation D, Rule 506 Form D Notice Filings
Filers will incur a $160 system use fee upon submitting the initial notice filing through the EFD System. This fee will be applied one time to each individual filing that you make through the System.

For example, when a new Form D notice filing is submitted via the EFD System, you will be charged the $160 system use fee. If the filer later needs to amend or renew that notice filing, no additional system use fee will be assessed.

Form NF for Unit Investment Trusts

The EFD system use fees for Form-NF-UIT filings changed effective 4/1/23. The new fees use the following rules.

  • $75 per CIK, per year for Initials & Renewals only
    • $5 per jurisdiction where the form is filed

Additionally, if an initial notice was submitted through EFD prior to April 1, 2023 and was assessed the previous ($160) System Use Fee, any subsequent filings associated with that EFDID will not incur additional System Use Fees.