UFT System Use Fee Frequently Asked Questions

The following Q&A is used to instruct filers on the UFT System Use Fee.

What system use fees are associated with my submission?
System use fees are generated by the EFD system and incurred for submissions to jurisdictions made through EFD.  These fees are automatically generated by the system.  The system use fees are in addition to state filing fees.  State filing fees are entered by the filer and, therefore, filers are encouraged to make sure they have the correct state filing fee amount for the filing.
UFT system use fees are assessed on a tiered structure depending on the number of jurisdictions receiving the submission. For single jurisdiction submissions, the system will assess a system use fee of $30. For submissions to two to five jurisdictions, the system will assess a system use fee of $100. For submissions to six or more jurisdictions, the system will assess a system use fee of $160.
Please note that EFD uses an automated clearing house (ACH) function for fees.  You cannot use credit cards for fees.

What if I need to alter a submission or submit additional documents?
Submitting changed documents or additional documents to previously selected jurisdictions is permitted and will not incur an additional system use fee. You will need to log in to your account, locate the previous filing, and add documents as needed. Please note that additional state fees may be required for these submissions.

What if I need to submit to more jurisdictions?
Adding another jurisdiction under the same filing will incur an additional system use fee based on the scheduled set forth above.

How do I submit an Ad-Hoc Payment?
Ad-hoc payments can only be submitted if they relate to filings previously submitted through UFT. Search for the earlier filing using filing name, EFDID, or through the receipts center. Then follow the steps on the “Ad-Hoc Payment for a Previous UFT Filing” in the Instructions for Submitting UFT Filings (link). An additional system use fee will only be assessed if the ad-hoc payment is for a jurisdiction not included in the original filing.